Dark green climbs the cliffs and mirrors reflect reality. Light arrives from all directions, growing savagely in the jungle.

Overturn the traditional chassis shape, ultra-modern industrial aesthetics, with three-dimensional space layering sense, engraved electronic technology sense.

To the youth.

The shadow of youth hides the dunking dreams of youth, like the Sakuragi Hanamichi Five-Ball, passionate and glorious.

Transparent open design, gorgeous lighting effects perfectly presented, simple and textured color scheme, understated and luxurious.


In the labyrinth of angles and twists, a glimpse of my true self. Thousands of exquisite craftsmanship, I am exquisite on all sides.

Laser cutting, CNC engraving, CNC numerical control stamping, high precision bending, high precision welding, anodic oxidation, fine surface sandblasting...etc., every detail is exquisite and exquisite.


A tabletop walled Colosseum, a storm of history. A wild horse is on the loose and an adventure is on the horizon.

Every part of the chassis can be disassembled, and you can create your own fighting space with a light DIY touch.

rush about

Every kid who loves games has a dream of racing. Head north for five straight hairpin turns and you're the next Takumi Fujiwara of Akiyama.

Support split water-cooled and air-cooled design, smooth running, free ride.
Mint Prism


Model: ZC-22

设计心语:Behind the Prism.Hiding the sweetness of mint.And the uncatchable mystery.Cool shape, multiple techniques, finely crafted.In a maze of angles and twists.A glimpse into your true self.Modern Vitality in the Shade.Reflection of a hundred flavors of life.


Product specification

model number                    ZC-22

material                    Aluminum Tempered Glass Silicone

process                    Laser cutting, CNC engraving, CNC punching, bending, sandblasting, anodizing

尺寸                    550*460*214mm

Radiator height limit          160mm 240 cold rows*2

Motherboard Support              MATX motherboard support

Graphics Card Support              315mm

Hard Disk Support              2.5" HDD/SSD*3 3.5" hard drive*1

Power Support              atx power supply, 180mm length

Other features              Physical Switch USB3.0 Sound




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