The table is where I belong. The world has too many secrets to pry into. Shh, come hide in my grape jar of steel.

Overturning the traditional mini chassis shape, ultra-modern industrial aesthetics of the pursuit of small big difference, breakthrough vision, straight to the soul.


You believe in the middle ground, but I prefer the inherent insolence. I have my own personality, and I allow you to be buried by convention!

Transparent open design, gorgeous lighting effects perfection, bold color scheme, every glance is wantonly sexy!


It's not just wine in a grape jar.

Laser cutting, CNC engraving, CNC stamping, high precision bending, high precision welding, anodizing, fine surface sandblasting... and other processes, just for every detail can make you breathtaking!
Grape Pot


Model: ZC-01M

The design message: small gains make a big difference.Mini size, all aluminum, fully disassembled, multiple techniques, light and so powerful.Transparent open design, riotous soft color scheme, super playability, every glance is wantonly beautiful.Born to live above the table.


Product specification

Model number                    Z01m 

color                    Red, Purple, Silver, Pink

material                    aluminum   tempered glass  Silica Gel Process  laser cutting  cnc engraving  Numerical control punching and bending  sandblast  anodes

size                    350mm  211mm  490mm

Radiator height limit          165mm  Support 240mm cold row, thickness is not limited. diy do-it-yourself ability to support multi-fan design. 

Motherboard Support             matx or less 

Graphics Card Support             290mm 

Hard Disk Support             2.5" hdd/ssd*3 

Power Support             atx power supply 

Other features             Physical switch, usb3.0, audio interface

Here's to, the Divine Work.

We, the creators and the dreamers!

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