They say enough is enough and nothing else matters. All kidding aside, face value is the minimum standard of admission!

Overturning the traditional chassis shape, the pursuit of ultra-modern industrial aesthetics Breakthrough vision, straight to the soul.


They say you can't wear beach pants with a suit. I'm partial to making blueberry jam on cold metal!

Fed up with the stereotypical traditional color scheme standards, who says cases can't be colored, God knocked over the color palette, I'm sexy as a matter of course.

sense of freedom

They say wind signs and water signs don't go together. I'm partial to the sensory experience of calling the wind and rain!

Support split water cooling and air cooling design.


They say you're better off spelling Lego according to the plans. I want assembly fun that isn't bound by rules!

Every part of the chassis is removable, so you can create your own unique world with a light touch of DIY.
Blueberry Vanity


Model: ZC-01

Design philosophy: Inspired by the pursuit of modern industrial aesthetics, the designer created an innovative, flexible and transparent water-cooling chassis that overturns the traditional chassis modeling, with a rustic metal frame and a large area of colorful glass.


Product specification

model number                  Z01  Mid Tower

color                  Polar Silver, Fluorescent Green, Vibrant Orange, Sapphire Blue

material                  Aluminum, tempered glass, silicone

process                  Laser cutting, CNC engraving, CNC punching, bending, sandblasting andAnode, Highly Welded

size                  Length: 573 Width: 211 Height: 567

Radiator height limit        166mm Support 360mm cold row, no thickness limit

                         Do-it-yourself ability to support multiple fan designs   

Motherboard Support           Full size support

Graphics Card Support           Supports up to 350mm video card length

Hard Disk Support           Dual hard drive design, supports two solid state or two mechanical

                         Or a single hybrid configuration

characteristics                  No physical keys USB,

                         One-touch switch restart, support split water-cooled and air-cooled design.  


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