Put on wings and you're a fallen angel, put on a shield and you're a lion-hearted Bronn; good-looking skins change a lot, interesting souls flash your eyes.

Overturning the traditional chassis shape, the pursuit of ultra-modern industrial aesthetics, cool shape, laser cutting, CNC carving, CNC punching, bending, sandblasting, anodizing and many other techniques, carved and refined, every adult wants to have.

life force

Like a seed in a different dimension, an oasis on a desert island, every line is hard and full, so vivid that it is not clichéd.

Transparent open design, splendid lighting effects perfectly presented, full lines, the overall shape is vivid and vivid.

not bow one's head

It's about speed and passion, but also power and glory. When you look at the world from a 45° perspective, you should live with your head held high and your posture proud.

Every part of the chassis is removable, so you can create your own unique world by moving your hands and doing light DIY.

proud of oneself

Break through the prison of thought and allow this side of the living beast to withstand the storm and explore the boundaries of the universe.

Support split water cooling and air cooling design.
Blueberry Flashes


Model: ZC-11

Design Threads.The speed of lightning.Wrapped in an interesting soul.Cool shape, multiple techniques, and finely crafted.So overbearing it's not like it's face value pie.The big toy every adult wants to have.Speed and passion.Rights and Glory.Life is about holding your head up high and being proud!


Product specification

model number                 ZC-11

material                Aluminum Tempered Glass Silicone

process                Laser cutting, CNC engraving, CNC punching, bending, sandblasting, anodizing

size                590*532*216mm

Radiator height limit     140mm 240 cold rows*2

Motherboard Support        full size

Graphics Card Support        320mm

Hard Disk Support        2.5" HDD/SSD*3 3.5" hard drive*2

Power Support        atx power supply, 170mm length

Other features        Physical Switch USB3.0 Audio Interface


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