ZC-09 Sakura

ZC-09 Sakura

Model: ZC-09 Sakura

The Cherry Blossom Headpiece by Hitomi Sakura can be enjoyed both front and back. The proud Sakura is waiting for you to try it on yourself.


Product specification

Material: 5052 aluminum plate, tempered glass, silica gel
Panel thickness: 2.0mm
Motherboard compatible: MATX and below
Dimensions: L475, W217, H545mm.
Color configuration: Rosegold
Hardware scalability
CPU heatsink height limit: 163mm
Hard disk space: 2 mechanical + 2 solid state.
Graphics card bit: support maximum length of 310mm IO area interface: USB3.0*1
Heat sink configuration
Heat dissipation system: suitable for split water cooling, integrated water cooling, or air cooling cooling system.
Fan positions: 120mm fan positions*5
packing list : double-walled carton  mainframe  instructions  accessory box  


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