tear the label

They are always changing their ways of categorizing everything and selling it with a fixed label to a designated group of people. I'm going to tear off the so-called stereotypical labels and be the most special one among the herd animals!

Overturning the traditional chassis shape, ultra-modern industrial aesthetics, breaking the norm, reflecting the true self.


They like to add fuel to Pandora's magic box, muddling hopes and dreams. I'm going to empty this pool of stagnant water and redefine the footnotes of future technology!

Laser cutting, CNC engraving, CNC numerical control stamping, high precision bending, high precision welding, anodic oxidation, fine surface sandblasting...etc., every detail is like injecting magic, striving for perfection.

dare not disagree

They're obsessed with calm and atmospheric black and white and grey, cold particles and fluorescent lines. I was more looking forward to earthly fireworks and pineapple honey candy, drenched in living really cool!

Single chassis bending times up to 72 times, through the intricate bending, lines staggered echo, forming a unique shape, presenting a more rigid line frame.

follow one's heart

Their words will always be hearsay and the true soul needs to feel it from the heart. Wind and water cooling, can't go wrong with the choice!

Support split water-cooled and air-cooled design to maximize your love of DIY.
Pineapple Ion


Model: ZC-07

The design statement: the multi-crafted fusion of aluminum and tempered glass creates a classic semi-open chassis.Mismatched layers and misalignments bring distinctive visual effects, and hardware is displayed without dead ends.An updated console carrier presented to high-end gamers.


Product specification

model number                   Z07  Mid Tower      

material                   Aluminum, tempered glass, silicone

工艺                   Laser cutting, CNC engraving, CNC punching, bending, sandblasting, anodizing, etc.

尺寸                   Height: 550mm   Width: 225mm   Depth: 590mm

Radiator height limit         166mm Support 360mm cold row, no thickness limit

                          Do-it-yourself ability to support multiple fan designs   

Motherboard Support            Full size support

Graphics Card Support            Supports up to 350mm video card length

Hard Disk Support            Dual hard drive design, supports two solid state or two mechanical

                         Or a single hybrid configuration

characteristics                   No physical keys USB,

                          One-touch switch restart, support split water-cooled and air-cooled design.  


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