Everyone who sails can master the compass of destiny. Those who have weathered the storm, know better the greatness of life!

Large internal space, support for 7*12cm fan position, support for water-cooled pipe, support for 1 360 cooling row, 1 240 cooling row, and more support for air-cooled, with the desired solution.

dark series

A gloomy, overcast sea adventure with its own heroic filter. Get lost just to get closer to your destination, the light especially shines in the dark!

Black and red is the main color, the color ratio is also from the mood of the 9-1 ratio, play the finishing touch; physical switch and remote control switch can be controlled, two audio interface + two USB3.0 interface, base hidden cable design, increase visual senses.


You want to reap power and wealth, nature everything and the human heart for a thousand years. Be a conqueror in the game of the sea, all glaciers and tsunamis will make way for you!

The back design has a full metal brand nameplate, car hood type movable structure, easy for players to disassemble, the front and rear panels can be supported by the struts, the power supply and hard drive area can also be freely disassembled through the drawer box form of assembly accessories, increase the product can be DIY, increase interaction, each craft carefully polished, strive for perfection, with the strength and ambition to conquer the world's aesthetics.

sense of direction

When the masses are lost at the end of the world, when the icebergs plot the roar of collapse, the pomegranate pirates do not flinch, and pivot their compasses to steer a course for safety!

Do not go with the flow, using 2mm thickness of high-quality aviation grade magnesium aluminum alloy aluminum to build, the surface sprayed 200 fine sand repeatedly polished; surface texture is exquisite not to show rough, solid and stable structure, size control is just right, ultra-modern industrial aesthetics of the pursuit, reflecting the true self.
Pomegranate Pirate


Model: ZC-10

Design Threads.Inspired by the hood of a car, the designer designed a removable structure that is easy for gamers to disassemble, with two front and back panels that can be held up by struts, and the power supply and hard drive areas that can be assembled and disassembled freely through drawer boxes; the overall shape does not deliberately pursue an exaggerated appearance, but tends to be more streamlined and harmonious, thus achieving a perfect blend of shape and sophistication.


Product specification

model number                            ZC-10 

material                            5052 aluminum plate, tempered glass, silica gel

Plate thickness                     2.0mm

Motherboard Compatible                     ATX and below

size                            513*236*628

Color configuration                     Red Black, Blue Black

CPU heatsink height limit           150mm

optical drive                         None

hard drive                         Supports 1 mechanical disk + 2 solid state; or single hybrid configuration

graphics card bit                         Supports video cards up to 350mm in length. 

floppy disk drive                         无

IO Zone Interface                     USB3.0*2   HDD*1

Cooling system                     Suitable for split water cooling, integrated water cooling, or air-cooled cooling system.

fan                        120mm fan position*7

packing list                     double-layered carton (box)  mainframe  instructions  accessory box   


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