recreate the world

The wind, the thunder, the rain, the turn of the century's rivers, the revival of growth, all indicate to the world that Thor and all things good and bad!

The interior is spacious and supports water-cooled walking pipes and two 360 cold rows, so you can master the desired solution at will.


The source of the multiverse life soul comes from a mysterious lightning force. White light breeds darkness, brightness decomposes yin and yang. Everything is struck and begins to grow!

Designed from different thinking angles, the tank locomotive imitation track design increases the product's DIYability and interaction; physical switch and remote control switch can be controlled, two audio interfaces + two USB3.0 interfaces; power supply, hard disk box hidden design, can avoid the leakage of wires, increase visual senses, diversified to increase the interaction and playability of the chassis.


Surviving gods pioneer new worlds, lightning appears to chisel away at everything. The Avenger's godly power to manipulate rune magic Astronomy.

The 2mm thickness of high-quality aviation grade magnesium aluminum alloy, the surface of the spray 200 fine sand repeatedly polished; the surface texture is exquisite without showing roughness, the structure is solid and stable, size control is just right; the use of laser cutting, CNC carving, CNC stamping, high-precision bending, high-precision welding, anodic oxidation, fine surface sandblasting ... ... and other processes to develop a new visual sensory experience.

ancient divine force

An allegory of Norse mythology that set off countless natural catastrophes. The entire world sank to the bottom of the sea, carving out the beginnings of cosmic chaos with the power of one god!

Like a battlefield tank with full horsepower and accelerating tracks, it extracts the imagery of high-speed movement and designs a 360 cold platoon on both sides, continuing the design style of ZC-06 and ZC-07, reflecting the combination of static and dynamic, pushing out the old and giving a sense of movement, as if it has divine power to condense players' fun.
Watermelon Thor


Model: ZC-16

Design Threads.ZC-16The design of the ZC-06 and ZC-07 is inspired by the moment when a battlefield tank turns on its horsepower and its tracks accelerate and dance; the designer extracted the imagery of the high-speed movement of the tracks and designed the 360 cooling displacement on both sides.


Product specification

material                         5052 aluminum plate, tempered glass, silica gel

Plate thickness                  2.0mm

Motherboard Compatible                  ATX and below

size                         Length 602, width 282, height 538mm.

Color configuration                  Green Black, Silver Black

CPU heatsink height limit       170mm

optical drive                     None

hard drive                     Support for 2 mechanical discs + 2 solid state.

graphics card bit                     Supports video cards up to 350mm in length.

floppy disk drive                     None

IO Zone Interface                 USB3.0*2   HDD*1

Cooling system                 Suitable for split water cooling, integrated water cooling, or air-cooled cooling system.

fan                    120mm fan position*6

packing list                 double-layered carton (box)  mainframe  instructions  accessory box  


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